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What Is Femininity?

This event is an opportunity to explore and embody our feminine self, through awareness, education and play because we believe change starts with one person at a time. World Femininity Day is a chance to discover, acknowledge and a celebrate all it is to feel in touch with personal and divine feminine power however that may manifest in you.

We believe the ownership and celebration of femininity in ourselves and, in each other, worldwide, will contribute to the elimination of exploitation of individuals across the world.

The Founder

World Femininity Day was founded by Zoe Charles; Also founder and head teacher of The Cheek of It! School of Burlesque, she (along with a team of teachers) trains over 700 women a year in various ways to express femininity and delight in who they are regardless of shape, size and age through Burlesque, body confidence and femininity coaching. With classes across the UK, Serbia, Croatia, Spain and the USA, Zoe has helped women (from beginners to professionals) learn how to have fun and feel fabulous about who they are as feminine beings resulting in huge benefits across their lives in areas relating to self esteem, confidence, body image, career, and relationships with partners, friends and families.

In 2011 it became very clear to Zoe that having access to one’s divine feminine expression and power was not just  essential for the wellbeing of women but for the world, regardless of gender or culture. The First World Femininity Day took place on 24th June 2011 in London, NYC, Zagreb, Rio and Copenhagen.

In 2015 Zoe was asked to talk about the power of femininity for TEDx see the talk here
"I love seeing the women I teach open up to the possibilities and joy of embracing their femininity and having so much fun with it.
World Femininity Day is about encouraging anyone who wishes to or has a need to express their femininity however they choose. It’s amazing that so many women from all different walks of life find coming to a 2 hour class once a week, is the only time where they can truly feel free to explore and have fun with their feminine prowess.
The time is now to have it all, career, family, friends and a fulfilling relationship without having to sacrifice feminine expression to get ahead. So many women are ashamed to be feminine for fear it will be deemed weak or anti feminist. Or worse persecuted for it. Enough now. As a woman and a feminist I see my Femininity as powerful, this is the next stage for woman and in turn the world, it's no longer frightening to be feminine."
Zoe Charles

Femininity is...

"Femininity Is Freedom; My Freedom To Be Fearless, To Flaunt and To Be A Force!"
Rubyyy Jones - Writer and Performer focusing on Love Light and Lust
"Femininity is confidence, strength and unconditional self love."
Tigz Rice - Photographer
"Femininity is dressing up... not to conceal who you are, but to amplify it."
Tricity Vogue - Performer
"Femininity is not visual. It is a state of energy, that can only be felt, when a woman can set free the core of herself. This will be achieved through her love for herself. She must be at peace with her feelings and emotions - there are no rules, assumptions, or learnt experiences, dictating how she will re-act or behave - it is ultimate, passionate, emotional, liberating freedom."
Ursula Joy - Performer
"Femininity is for one and all, boy, girl, queer or straight."
Abigail O'neil - Performer
"Femininity is my muse, my joy, my mother and my liberation."
Ben Giddens - Queerlesque performer

Our mission

To create the opportunity to discover, empower and celebrate femininity and the divine feminine in all of us, no matter your age, gender, ethnicity or culture. To be encouraged and supported to live as much in your femininity as you wish.

So many people in our world are repressed, abused and exploited because of their feminine expression and we believe it is a human right to cultivate and to express femininity however you choose. 

As people who have the freedom to be inspired and celebrate our femininity, we feel it's our duty to sing, write, dance and speak for those who cannot be free in their femininity.

We are saying YES to humankind feeling empowered by their femininity regardless of gender and fully free to express and celebrate their femininity however they choose.

We are saying NO to the exploitation of women, children and those persecuted for their feminine nature; World Femininity Day supports The Orchid Project – working for a global end to female genital cutting.

Inspired by The Orchid Project, this year we are playing a game called 'spot the dot'.

Get posting

We've set up several sites for us all to join - you can post your comments, photos, and even videos. Show the world how fabulous you are!

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Latest worldwide events

There will be no official events for 2016 but we are continuing to support The Orchid Project, whose mission is 'A World Free from Female Genital Cutting'. Join our FB page for latest updates.

Find out more about Orchid Project Here

"This literally is transforming what is possible for the Feminist movement and for people interested in making a difference with others REGARDLESS of their Gender around the world!"

"Congratulations and best regards from Vienna, Austria."