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More about The Orchid Project

Orchid Project has a simple vision: a world free from female genital cutting.

FGC* is a globally recognised abuse of human rights, child rights and women’s rights. Nevertheless, 3 million girls a year are cut in Africa alone.

Orchid's work aims to end the silence and taboo around FGC and to push for FGC to take the position it deserves: high on the priority list. We want to shine the light on excellent work being done at country levels, where thousands of communities are choosing to abandon FGC. This grassroots movement of communities abandoning FGC leads us to believe that it can be ended within a generation, in the same way that foot-binding ended.

Orchid's aim is to enable an end to female genital cutting globally, with a significant reduction by 2025. Orchid will do this by:

  • Working with partners who deliver a sustainable, community-led end to female genital cutting
  • Communicating the success of these programmes
  • Advocating at the highest level for increased resource to end FGC

* There are many debates about which terminology to use. “Cutting” seems less of a judgemental phrase to us than "mutilation" bearing in mind the communities we wish to work with. For the Orchid Project, the important thing is not to get diverted too much into a debate about language, but keep working with everyone to end it! Sometimes we will use the terminology interchangeably as FGM/C (like UNICEF).

Get involved

We are celebrating everything fun, fabulous and feminine. Stand up and be inspired by who you are and the women around you. You can join an event in your city, start your own event or simply celebrate with your friends and family.

Our universal symbol is a flower; wherever you are, you can wear a flower in your hair and tell people why. Even better - get a picture/video with your friends, family or colleagues and upload it onto our Official Facebook fan page

Compliment and acknowledge other women for how fabulous they are - text, call, update your FB status, Twitter - however you like, just be sure to tell them how fabulous they are.

Men are invited to participate too! Buy some flowers and give them to the special women in your life.

Our mission

To engage in a global conversation about femininity.

To create the opportunity to discover, empower and celebrate femininity and the feminine prowess in all of us, no matter your age, gender, ethnicity or culture. To be encouraged and supported to live as much in your femininity as you wish.

So many people in our world are repressed, abused and exploited because of their feminine expression and we believe it is a human right to cultivate and to express femininity however you choose. As people who have the freedom to be inspired by this prowess we feel it's our duty to sing, write, dance and speak for those who cannot be free in their femininity.

We are saying YES to humankind feeling fabulously feminine, feeling femme empowered and fully free.

We are saying NO to the exploitation of women, children and those persecuted for their feminine nature; this year's event is about raising awareness and funds for The Orchid Project – working for a global end to female genital cutting.

Inspired by The Orchid Project, this year we are playing a game called 'spot the dot'.

Want to host your own Clittorati Party? Download our 'How To make a Merkin' guide. You can also post your photos on the Facebook page and join in the celebration!

Get posting

We've set up several sites for us all to join - you can post your comments, photos, and even videos. Show the world how fabulous you are!

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Latest worldwide events

This year, WFD have chosen to support The Orchid Project, whose mission is 'A World Free from Female Genital Cutting'. On 24th June, We will be hosting The Clittoratti Ball in London, and The Arty Tea Party in Belfast - both events are celebrations of femininity and all things fabulous!
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"This literally is transforming what is possible for the Feminist movement and for people interested in making a difference with others REGARDLESS of their Gender around the world!"

"Congratulations and best regards from Vienna, Austria."